Warehouse Refurbishments / Dilapidation

Warehouse Refurbishments / Dilapidation

MK City Refurbishments has considerable experience in executing commercial and industrial dilapidation works. Dilapidation services involve an expanding range of specialist trades and co-ordination of works.

Dilapidation originates from the Latin term for scattering the stones of a building ordinarily known as a building falling into decay. MK City refurbishments can supply dilapidations for private premises allowing the building to be returned to the landlord in its pre-leased condition.

Why choose us? We have an extensive knowledge and experience working on warehouse, office and unit projects. Being a smaller company we will guarantee to get your specification done on budget we can afford to get it done cheaper than the larger scale warehouse refurbishment companies out there. We concentrate our focus on getting the projects done on time and to the highest spec to achieve satisfaction. Projects will always be completed within the time frame no matter how large or small.

MK City refurbishments refurbish many different types of offices, warehouses, units, you name it and we have more than likely worked on it! We return the building to its original configuration on budget and in the agreed time frame. MK City refurbishments has an extensive repertoire of services to offer including:

• Complete building and refurbishment
• Complete large/small strip out
• Dismantling and decommissioning services
• Data cable installation
• Electrical and mechanical installation and testing
• Erection of all types of partitions and ceilings
• Extensive health and safety assessments
• Gas installation, service and maintenance
• Floor removals – including Mezzanine
• Industrial Floor painting
• Kitchen fitting
• Painting and redecoration works
• Plastering and Dry Lining
• Plumbing and Pipework
• Removals of kitchen, bathrooms, wet rooms inclusive of installation or refits
• Roof Repairs
• Site Clearance and disposal services
• Toilet refurbishments and refits
• Wall and floor tiling

This is not a conclusive list. MK City refurbishments are flexible and will work to our clients’ requirements. The above is an expanding range which requires specialist trades of which MK City refurbishments can provide. With a detailed specification you can track the progress of the works allowing you to meet your Landlord’s deadline.

As well as a long inventory of services we offer a comprehensive collection of trade skills to undertake any project.With most dilapidation projects we create a schedule of works that are required. We are fully qualified to undertake our own site surveys and from these create our own schedule of works, both of which our team will adhere to intently to return your property back to its original form.

With our vast knowledge and experience we can provide cost effective and economical solutions and services for all aspects of dilapidation works. If you have a project, are moving premises or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact us information.